Learn how to host your own website, just by following my quick start guide from start to finish. I am a professional website designer and developer with over 10 years of experience, and I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. In this particular article.

I will discuss how to host your own website, a quick start guide that shows you step, by step, from start to finish on how to create and setup your own website for under 1cent in less than 30 minutes.

The first thing you should know is that you don’t have to be an html expert, programmer or web developer such as myself to Host your own Website. However, it does help to have some sort of knowledge for more advanced editing and tweaking of any website applications that you might need to change or edit. If you haven’t already done so, you will need a name for your site and a market Niche.

What is a market niche and how does this aid in the ability to host your own website? Well, Market niche is Just a fancy word for describing what your sites about. Most professionals that start their own website or website business, have a market niche that is relative to what they are passionate about, or something they know a lot about or have a trade skill in. For example I am a web designer and web developer, so it would be apparent that I’d write about web design or web development, since that is what I am skilled at and passionate about.

“Once you have a name and a niche for your web business, you can start the process and host your own website”.

There are a few steps involved with in the matter of setting up things to host your own website, below I’ve provided a step by step key process, to assist anyone on how to setup their own web host and to start publishing their articles to the web. The best part of this tutorial is that it requires absolutely no programming or Html knowledge at all. If you know how to use a basic editor such as note pad and type “you too can create beautiful looking websites just like a professional web designer.

Step (1) Purchase a domain if you don’t already have one I recommend go daddy they are the leading domain provider currently. When choosing a domain make sure the name is relevant to your business and market niche.

Step (2) Purchase hosting, there are a lot of hosting providers out there, but the one I recommend and use myself is host gator because they have everything you could want or need. They give you limitless hosting and that is why I love host gator, You want a hosting company that will grow with you and host gator does just that.

Step (3) When setting up host gator, we will be using word press, so when you check out use the word “WORDPRESS” as the access code before checking out.

Step (4) Wait 15 minutes, grab a cup of coffee or something. It will take about 15 minutes for HostGator to set up your hosting, that’s pretty fast considering other hosting providers take 2 or sometimes even 3 days.

Step (5) Open your email and log into you CPANEL, scroll down to where it says account information, this will be on the left hand side. Under name servers, copy and paste the long text beginning with the letter’s (ns).

Step (6) Log back into go daddy click on your domains and then change my DNS, which stands for DOMAIN-NAME-SERVER. Copy and paste the Name server in slot 1 then go back to host gator copy and paste the second one into the slot titled second or number 2.

What you just did was point your domains to your hosting provider choice. I don’t host with go daddy because they offer less and cost more. I don’t purchase domains from host gator because they are really expensive. However, if cost is not an option for you, you could skip step 5,6 and just purchase your domain from the same person you host with. If you had to pick between go daddy and hostgator Id say stick with hostgator.

Step (7) Once you are logged in click on the button “fantastico” it is located in your hostgator CPANEL, from there you will be taken to another page, scroll down and click on wordpress.

Step(8) Click new install, then fill out the fields, it’s pretty easy, self explanatory. Once you are finished with the wizard you will be given a link to your admin panel and your website.

Step (9) Log in using your user name and password you just specified in the wizard. Once you are logged in click on the appearance tab to the left, choose “themes” and then add new. Choose a specification from your theme and then press search. Just choose one of the free themes and hit install.

Now click the word “Posts” in your dashboard, choose add new post- from here you can copy and paste any text, word doc whatever you like and word press will automatically render it into html.

After you press the update button, click the view post button located at the top of the editor. You should know see your work visible and live on the internet.

The ultimate kitchen design team

Perennial Kitchens must be the ultimate kitchen design Melbourne team! I’m an avid kitchen design lover and I enjoy spending my days browsing through various magazines, articles and websites looking at different kitchen designs. Whether the design has a modern touch, a traditional touch, an Asian touch or a European touch to it, I always love designs. Perennial Kitchen has an unbelievable range of kitchen designs and the best thing about it is, they let you do your own design! I’d highly advise contacting them today so they can implement the design as quickly as possible.

Bring your design to JG King!

The beauty of JG King Homes isn’t that they are able to provide the best steel frame house for you and your family or find the best house and land package, better yet, they give you the ability to design your own custom home!

You could be living in a house that has your ideal kitchen, your ideal sized backyard, your ideal amount of bedrooms and most importantly, one that sticks to your budget! It’s such an amazing thing to have a quality company such as JG King Homes available across the whole of Victoria that is willing to help out in any way.

One extremely impressive area of the “customise your home” section of JG King Homes is the quality of design software they have. They are certainly keeping up with technology and it makes it so enjoyable to sit there with a graphic designer and literally build your own house from scratch. Of course they do the hard work but the money is so worth it!

Bravo to JG King Homes! Bravo!

After contacting Home Extend to give my kitchen the makeover it has needed for so long, I could not be happier with the service they provided. I was recommended to them by a friend who mentioned a while ago that they’re the number one company in Melbourne for kitchen renovations and she knew how badly my kitchen needed a renovation. Fast forward three months and my kitchen looks brand spanking new, it is clean and all the appliances are made by the latest technology. Home Extend – hooray!

It is now really telling to me how much of a difference it makes when a kitchen design company puts a lot of capital into their resources. This is of course in comparison to those other companies who think they’ll make bigger profit margins because they’re taking the easy way out and not spending on important resources.

A month ago when I went to consult the specialists at The Kitchen Design Centre it became apparent to me that they’ve spent big to make big. I stepped into their pristine showroom to start the consultation about my new kitchen and a group of kitchen designers consulted me as to which design I was after. Each designer seemed to specialise in their own type of area so only one was associated to me once I made my choice clear.  We sat down in one of the offices and the designer brought out his fancy Macbook that had this unbelievable looking design program open. It looked like something out of the future it was that impressive. Colours, lines, 3D shapes, you name it!

That was me just seeing the program on face value. It was even better when we used it. Never have I seen such complex and advanced technology used with such ease. I can’t exactly remember what the graphic design program was called but I am going to recommend it to my sister who is a graphic designer because I know that she was looking for software that could do something similar to what this program did.

To cut a long story short, the kitchen that was to be standing in my house in three months time was there on the computer screen looking as if someone had taken a photo of a real life kitchen. The program was so realistic and showed every single little detail you need to know. The dimensions, the colours, the overall size and most importantly – the design was prevalent.

While I had the trust in The Kitchen Design Centre to continue providing the best designer kitchens in the state like they always do, I was more impressed with the processes they go through to get them to a stage ready to build their kitchens. In the old days they used to sketch up drawings on big pieces of paper and it would the roughest of drafts that clients would somehow be confident in. Fast forward 20 years and now there are these programs which make the kitchen for you and give the client an even greater degree of confidence in what is being built.

I would like to give a big thank you and an even bigger recommendation to The Kitchen Design Centre for anyone that needs their kitchen redone or modified.

Web and Graphic Design Interlinked

Graphic design is the creative process  used to convey a certain message to a certain audience. Companies usually have a logo and branding designed by a graphic designer, and then later down the track, a website designed by a web designer. Is this the right way to go about it? Will jobs cross over and will creative plans suffer because there are two teams designing and creating one vision?

Graphic designers traditionally aren’t specialists in web design. And web designers, are the ones to turn to for all things web design.

I have come across certain brands and stores, and then gone online and see a website that didn’t align with the products and stores I’d previously stepped foot in. A brand and all that is associated with a brand, its products, services, need to align the entire way through a company.

One website I visited recently, has done a great job with their website and branding. The website is Sienna Mt Waverley and they have display homes in Melbourne that can be viewed and also display homes for sale in Melbourne.

Their website is appropriate for their industry and their vision. They are selling the dream of living somewhere peaceful, somewhere with nature and they are selling these display homes for sale that are offering an idea of comfort, style and luxury.

The colours the web designers have chosen are effective for a few reasons. The white and simple clean, modern style black font, go well together and create a readable and bright and light website. The big focus on images is perfect for their nature focused ideal way of living. The graphics are sleek and modern and not overly fussy. There aren’t too many flashy or outrageous techniques used on this website, but what has been used is appropriate and up to date and well suited for the industry.

This is just one website I have found, and I could spend all day writing about good examples, bad examples and interesting, questionable examples. However, today, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and commend this one website on doing a clean, well designed and information-appropriate website.

After having a look through the house and land packages Melbourne has to offer it clicked to me that all the designs for affordable living display homesacross our beautiful city are computer generated through the most technologically advanced programs.

I am currently in the midst of looking for some Mount Waverley Real estate as I begin my journey to Melbourne’s south-east from the north. Mount Waverley really appealed to me because of its close proximity to local shopping centres, schools and other recreational facilities.

When I went for my appointment with the people from Sienna Mt Waverley they showed me the way they design their houses with all these technologically savvy programs. It was quite amazing to see (not having ever been in that kind of industry) the way that companies produce the way a house will look on the computer and then 6-12 months later that exact same house is standing in real life. To me it’s quite astonishing! All these programs are so advanced compared to what graphic designers used to do. No longer is there sketching drafts and plans on big pieces of paper!

Sienna Mt Waverley gives the customer the whole nine yards when it comes to service. From the moment you speak to them on the phone to when you finally have your house standing; there is no better company in the industry.

To add to this brilliant level of service, the end product is always of high quality. If you go on to their website or even visit their properties in person, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Whether you’re after a house for your family or yourself, Sienna are very flexible in how they can design their properties and have the end goal of always achieving the customers’ requests.

I would like to know if anyone out there is familiar with these graphic design programs these companies use. Additionally if anyone else has used Sienna Mt Waverley to purchase a house and land package or tour a display home, was your experience as memorable and smooth as mine? Would love to hear some comments and get some interaction here to discuss the goodness of Sienna Mt Waverley.

All comments, questions, thoughts and queries are appreciated!

I love a company that dates back over 100 years from an international heritage and is still running today. I find it amazing how the transition from starting a company overseas to bringing it to another country can be so easy. Burgess Printing dates way back to 1868 in Australia when the Ulrich family were engraving seals for the Royal Family and the Government. By 1950, they had moved out to Australia and started a labels business before 20 years later selling it to the Burgess Family.

This kind of business I have a lot of respect for not only because they excel in package designand product packaging, but because of the evolution of a small Austrian family business that has become one of the proudest packaging and design businesses in Australia.

Burgess Printing is a terrific company that love to work hard and produce results for their clients in the way of self adhesive labels, packaged labels and other printing and design products. Every time I used Burgess to design the labels for my business they always remember me and never get my order wrong. It is usually delivered on time, packaged carefully and they always invoice me correctly. These sound like things that companies should always get right but you’d be surprised how many companies don’t get this right.

You can tell within the Burgess business there is a huge emphasis on teamwork and family spirit. This kind of spirit and enthusiasm in the workplace is a recipe for success and it makes you want to work in an environment like that.

To the team at Burgess Printing, I command you on your longstanding family business and team culture that has put you in the position you are today as a market-leading company.

Your utopia is not too far away

The recent revelation of the Lancemore Group has provided those who enjoy the combination of wineries, day spas and accommodation with a breath of fresh air. To make things easier, they offer a website that is so interactive that when you’re browsing, it makes you feel as if you’re at that Werribee winery or you’re a part of the wonderful Mt.Macedon accommodation they offer.

The Lancemore Group have a profound understanding of how business and pleasure do not have to be mutually exclusive. Too often do businesses not associate the two together because they are afraid of compromise. At the Lancemore Group they have taken this in their stride and combined the two by providing four locations with tranquillity, business and pleasure all blended into one. Why not have facilities that don’t only host your conferences but also allows you to relax and be pampered? Why not go out for dinner with the people you just attempted to strike a business deal with?

Times are changing and no longer are business conferences your regular meeting for three hours where it is just a walk in, discuss business matters and walk out. Instead, now businesses understand that a good rapport can be built not just from inside the conference room but alternatively; dinners, lunches and spa outings are considered acceptable and beneficial in developing business relationships.

Additionally, The Lancemore Group take huge pride in the way they present themselves. They have a website that is so modern and so easy-to-use that it makes the browsing experience thoroughly enjoyable. Too often do companies rush the way they design their website and offer something unprofessional that doesn’t capture the interest of those browsing. Lancemore have a full appreciation of the importance of offering a professional and classy website and extend all their services through it in attention-grabbing ways. Spa retreats Victoria wide have never looked this good online so if you’re after a service that embodies peace, tranquillity and relaxation; The Lancemore Group are here to assist you.

Cranes for Everyone!

There is a huge difference between a company that has qualified and well-trained employees compared to a company that takes the easy way out to reduce their wages and pay unqualified workmen.

I run a construction business that is very dependent on the lifting equipment (cranes and hoists especially) and we only want the best. We believe that if you have to pay more to get the best then we are happy to do so because in the long-run this will almost always benefit your business.

This seems to be the approach that JDN Monocrane also takes as they only employ the best electricians and engineers and it is so evident! We buy all overhead cranes and other lifting equipment from JDN and have been doing so for the past three years. Not once have we had any problems with any of the equipment that we have acquired from them and we are sure that it will continue to be this way.

When you employ staff that are highly qualified and have been in the industry for many years it makes a huge difference to the product or service you produce. Because our business is so dependent on the equipment that is provided to us, we had to search for a long time to find a company that supplied us with what JDN Monocrane does.

There are good business decisions and great business decisions; there is no doubt this was a great business decision.

We can safely say that the money we’ve generated from our business has a lot to do with the quality equipment JDN Monocrane has supplied us with for the past three years.

Into the future, when you’re making a business decision, do not be scared to spend that little bit extra if it means you suffer financially in the short-term because as people always say, “quality rises to the top” and we’ve found this out by using JDN Monocrane.